Why You Need an Asian Wedding Planner

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Why You Need an Asian Wedding Planner

It’s a curious observation: most people know that they need a wedding planner if they want their ceremonies to be successful (and stress-free). However, too many are willing to cut corners when it comes to Asian weddings, which, interestingly, take up considerably more time and effort to organize.

The problem lies in the attitude that most people have towards Asian wedding planners, whose services tend to be perceived as a luxury expense rather than a necessary cost. It’s quite ironic, especially since organizing an Asian wedding, for most people, is too demanding job. It takes up a lot of time, not to mention money, connections, and most importantly, hard work, to pull off a successful Asian wedding.
As someone with a schedule that doesn’t allow them time for adequate rest, let alone for planning an entire Asian wedding, wouldn’t it make sense to delegate the task to someone that knows what they’re doing?

Think Asian Wedding Planners are overpriced? Think Again
Cost is one of the biggest reasons why people just don’t hire Asian wedding planners. It’s not even a matter of them being too expensive; it’s a matter of people thinking that they’re overpriced.

If you’re one of those people, here’s something you probably haven’t considered. On average, it takes around 350 hours to get an Asian wedding underway. That’s 350 hours spent grueling over minute details, looking for suppliers and making sure they deliver on time, planning for hundreds of wedding guests, and managing the expectations of both the bride and groom’s families, not to mention planning for contingencies, and organizing and hosting the myriad of pre-wedding events leading up to the actual ceremony. Doesn’t sound as easy anymore, does it? For Asian wedding planners, this is usually just another day at the office.

So to recap, why choose an Asian wedding planner over a regular event planner?

1. Best Bang for Buck

Yes, they’re not cheap, but Asian wedding planners are worth every single penny. The amount of work they put in, not to mention the time they dedicate to making sure your special day goes without a hitch, is phenomenal, especially when you consider that most Asian weddings have a pre-wedding as well as bridal trips and civil ceremonies. Trust me; you wouldn’t want to delegate such sensitive things to a planner that doesn’t know the first thing about an Asian wedding.

2. Experience and Eye for Detail

All wedding planners have an inherent eye for detail, but not all of them bring the same level of attention and experience to the table. Experience plays an incredible role in Asian wedding organization, especially since most of the traditional aspects of the ceremony are usually passed down through generations, not learned in classes or schools.

3. Best Chance of Having a Successful Asian Wedding

Want to have a successful Asian wedding? Entrusting it to an Asian wedding planner is the best way to guarantee it. Every event has its own set of challenges. If the wheels start falling off and things go awry, it will be much easier to salvage the situation if you have the right person in your corner.

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How Do You Find the Right Asian Wedding Planner?

Try Searching Online

Google’s as good a resource as any when hunting down a seasoned wedding planner for your Asian wedding. Of course, you need to visit their homepages and websites to get the full scope of what they do before determining if they’re the right fit for you.
You’ll be able to spot the great wedding planners from the subpar ones quite easily by visiting their social media pages. Wedding planning is a largely visual business, so pictures of their recent events should be posted up here. You can use these to assess the quality of their work, but keep in mind that most wedding planners work to meet their clients’ expectations, so their work is not exactly reflective of their level of expertise.

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Take a Good Look at Portfolios

Portfolios will tell you a lot about what a wedding planner is capable of, but again, it would be wrong to assume that their capabilities are limited to their past accomplishments. A lot of Asian wedding planners offer tailor-made services (of course, who wouldn’t want their wedding to be unique), so just because you don’t see what you want in their portfolio doesn’t mean that they’re not capable of it.

Can you find any Testimonials? Those tend to be a Good Indicator of Quality

If you thought only Amazon products need reviews, you’d be wrong. Services, especially those as necessary as wedding planning, get their fair share of testimonials. Read through these testimonials to see how happy their previous customers are. Praise pages like these are a good indicator of how well a wedding planner meets expectations. Just ensure you don’t fall for faked or bought reviews — those tend to be exaggerated or downright dishonest.

Do Your Homework

Finding an Indian wedding planner is one thing. Making sure they won’t run with your money is another. Not every self-proclaimed Asian wedding planner out there is trustworthy. Some are scam artists; others are not capable enough. It is up to you to perform due diligence before signing anything or making any agreements with your wedding planner.

Know Your Budget

Asian weddings can be really expensive. Think of all the Asian gold wedding jewelry that has to be hired (if not purchased), not to mention the cost of everything from catering to hiring an Asian wedding photographer. Do you see why it may be necessary to have a number in your head before looking for a wedding planner?
One thing to be especially cautious about is the wedding planners’ rates. This is possibly the only time you’re advised not to go for the cheaper option. That’s because planners that charge a lower amount upfront get most of their revenue from commissions, so you may end up overspending on everything else along the way to cover the cost of their commissions as well.

Transparency and Honesty Should Trump Everything Else

Getting an Asian wedding planner to organize your special day for you shouldn’t be hard. However, in your search, it helps if you ask the following:

  • Do you work on a commission model?
    While some wedding planners earn primarily from what you pay them, others make the most of their earnings from commissions. They earn commissions when they get you to buy from their suppliers, so their initial cost may be much lower.
    Steer clear from these as you’ll end up spending more on supplies than you should, all because you’ll be paying for their commissions as well.
  • Do you do the actual planning?
    It’s funny that you have to ask this, especially since you’re paying to have your wedding organized by someone else. The thing is, some planners simply give you a list of vendors for the venue, the catering, the decor, et. cetera. They don’t bother much with the details. If this sounds dishonest, it’s because it should be considered so.
  • Make sure the caterer you choose is capable of handling everything from start to finish without you having to intervene.
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