FREE Business Advertising with Asian Locals. Calling all Asian Businesses

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FREE Business Advertising with Asian Locals. Calling all Asian Businesses

Asian Locals, the fastest growing Asian business directory in the UK, has commenced free registration and listing for all Asian small and medium enterprises. Business owners are encouraged to take advantage of the platform to expand their market reach.

Asian Locals is offering free advertisement to Asian businesses in the UK, relieving the stress on tight marketing budgets.

Businesses can now create a profile on for FREE. Their profile can include business name, contact information, and website address. They can also upload images and create a short description of their products and services on the site. The company has urged Asian business owners in the UK to leverage this space for increased brand awareness among the wider Asian community in the UK.

“Being an Asian entrepreneur myself, I can relate to the many challenges that afflict Asian businesses in the UK. The major hurdle to business survival is market reach. For that reason, we want to focus on giving an open marketing platform to small and medium businesses that need to reach the diverse Asian market in the UK,” stated the Marketing Director.

Asian Locals business directory is already home to hundreds of Asian businesses in the UK. Retailers, whole-sellers, and Asian service providers listed on the site benefit from targeted exposure and now with zero-cost!

The platform leverages on social PR, linking product and service providers to the Asian community that is otherwise too dispersed for other marketing techniques. In addition, Asian businesses get to nurture strong relationships with other companies on the site that might fit in their supply chain.

A big percentage of small business owners don’t have a website and businesses that have a website have not implemented the right marketing techniques.  Business directories, therefore, play a significant role, more so if the listing is free.

“It is quite costly to manage a website. The time and the costs wouldn’t make sense for a small business like my one-year-old photography business. Thanks to Asian Locals, I now get a free space to list my business. Customers have learned about my services from this platform” said, a wedding photographer listed on the business directory.

Asian Locals business directory stands out with a neat website and smart marketing features. The space allotted to individual businesses here is ample, and entrepreneurs can describe their story including history, objectives, and contact information.

The site also enables a two-way communication between businesses and customers from the Asian community through the message and call feature. Other intuitive features on the business directory include a considerable image space. By uploading an image of their products or services, Asian entrepreneurs get to summarize the story of their small business at a glance. This picture confirmation builds trust and authenticity for Asian businesses among their target market.

The Asian Locals business directory functions as an online portal for Asian businesses. For a business that has a website, there is potential to earn more leads and climb up the rankings on search engine by listing on Asian Locals. The directory enables the publishing of website addresses. It can, therefore, be a dependable source of inbound links and traffic for Asian business websites in the UK.

“The design concept of Asian Locals illustrates our commitment to providing a platform for growth. Businesses can start the free registration process at Our site thrives on simplicity and easy navigation. Together with geo-location features and contact information, Asian businesses can now be easily found,” says the site’s administrator.

“Our site is first a community bringing together families and friends before business comes in. That is the strength of the Asian way of life, and we have helped businesses benefit from the new relationships established on the site. We build bridges, nurture relationships, and manage reputations.”

The directory brings together customers that are after Indian food, Asian fashion, wedding jewelry, or Asian photography services, among others. The site is frequented by Asian homeowners that want to redecorate their homes, parents looking for tuition services for their children, buyers looking for Asian clothes, businesses looking for security services and couples looking for wedding venues among others.


About Asian Locals

Asian Locals brings together all Asian businesses in the UK, offering entrepreneurs a way to grow their businesses without incurring steep marketing costs. The directory runs on a well-designed website that helps with marketing, networking and reputation management for small and medium enterprises.

Our Free Basic Listing feature allows a zero-cost listing for all businesses that offer products or services specific to the Asian community. Businesses can also upgrade to Premium Listing for additional marketing features.

All lines of business are acceptable on the directory, from eatery and food venues to events and wedding products and service providers, fashion, health and beauty, home and gifts, jewelry and other services.



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